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Dead Island








I’ll retype this later I’m just frustrated as hell.


Guns of Icarus

Holy crap. Steam Punk air ship combat. Yea it’s that awesome. You play as one of 4 crew members of a airship, one’s the captain and fly’s the ship, other 3 are gunners or engineers. It’s from a first person viewpoint  which is quite neat. You can man any of the weapons which are different for every ship, if you’re hit you have to go run around fixing parts of your ship, putting out fires.. It’s a bit like FTL actually in that aspect except your with a human crew fighting human manned ships which is just AWESOME. The graphics aren’t have bad for an indie title and the gameplay is unique and exiciting. Flying around talking to your captain who’s spotting out enemy ships and meeting them in combat is insanely fun. Also if your ship blows up you it lets you fall to your death which was a little unsettling but a nice feature to convince you to try to stay alive.

I have a feeling I’m going to be playing this game quite a bit

Faster Than Light (Or how horrible would it be to die in space.)

Well I just got a new game that I’ve been very interested in for awhile now, FTL (Faster Than Light) 

The basic premise of this game is that you are a ship captain delivering important military documents; you control what goes on your ship, where your ship heads; what your crew does etc

The interesting thing about FTL is that it’s not produced by big name gaming companies, but is an indie game. It’s actually the first produced and released video game that was a kickstarter program.

It’s a very unique game, the view point is a top down 2D .You control your crew and the weapons systems. You randomly jump from location to location working towards your destination. Each jump takes you into a different situation. Sometimes it’s an enemy ship you have to fight, sometimes it’s someone sending out a distress signal, sometimes it’s pirates attacking a ship and they give you the chance to take a bribe and let them be or fight them out. It’s your choice…

Battles are very interesting. Everything in your ship takes power; the med bay, your oxygen, your engines, your shields, and your individual weapons. You only have so much power. So what if you lose power to your shields. Are you going to reroute power from oxygen? Med bay? So many different choices, it can be stressful soemtimes. Fires start on deck and systems get damage. To fix or put these out you are to individually send crew members. It get’s surprisingly intense. 

I still need to play more I’ve barely played a day, but it seems very entertaining so far.


Recently I got accepted to the Mech Warrior Online beta. Mech Warrior has been around for a loooong time with plenty of titles under it’s belt, but I’ve never really got into the gameplay until recently.

MWO is going to be a Free-2-Play title, which is an interesting turn. It seems to me EVERYBODY and their aunt’s niece is making a F2P title now a days WILL EDIT LATER ADD KICKIN IN YO


OK sorry about that mind wanders and all


Oh yea. I’m not entirely sure this form of free-2-play is very viable, or very fun for that matter…

You get the game for free, but your starting off point (in MWO’s case the mechs you get to start with) is complete garbage and you can barely get ANYTHING done with them, let alone actually stand a chance against other players. You can upgrade your situation two different ways; leveling to get better things the good ole fashioned way or be lazy and buy your way to the top. Seems reasonable, the problem is leveling takes UNGODLY amounts of time to get even the simplest items. So your choice is to suffer horribly and always lose or buy buy buy! I don’t think that’s very fair…

Oh? You’re wondering about the actual gameplay? Slow. All the mechs move like snails (which makes sense they are gigantic robotic towers of terror) and it takes FOREVER to kill anybody. If you are in the beginning small mech it is literally impossible to kill a bigger mech. Well maybe if you sat their for 30 minutes without him shooting you back….


So my friends from back home have been trying to get me to start playing DOTA 2 with them for awhile and just recently they finally got me to play by getting a copy for me. Now I’ve been aware of MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) but I’ve never thought that I was going to actually get into one. They are all based off Warcraft III pretty much and I was just crap with that micromanaging aspect. So I didn’t think this was going to go very far, little did I know they were basically inviting me to try a little crack cocaine and get beaten over the head with it.

Now I’m going to get straight to the point with this. I SUCK AT DOTA 2.

I can’t put into words how horrible this game is. Usually I can hop into a game and get the hang of it about an hour in. Oh not DOTA. DOTA lulls you in with a relatively easy concept. “Ok it’s going to be 10 people playing 5 guys on one side 5 guys on the other, destroy the other guy’s base and you win Just click to move and attack one button pretty much.” Simple enough right? Oh. Oh no, you are so wrong. So wrong that it hurts.

SO after playing a few games against the computer with my friends, I felt that I had a basic grasp of the concept and could look like I wasn’t completely useless. So I we hop into matchmaking and get into a real game with real players.

Now let me tell you about DOTA 2 players. They aren’t actual people but malevolent hell spawns designed to make you look like a complete and utter fool. I got completely destroyed. Obliterated. And since this is a game of teamwork needless to say my team lost. Horribly. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, already dead just too damn stupid to just lie down and admit it. My teammates yelling what seems like a different language scolding me one way or another “Don’t push the lane! DON’T TOWER DIVE IDIOT! Stop feeding them! Block the creep wave!”

Needless to say I died. A lot. Did I get any kills? Ha of course not

Well here you can see for yourself the pitiful performance https://dotabuff.com/matches/49501180

Try to guess who I am,  I bet you won’t have a hard time.


The meta game behind DOTA 2 is ridiculous. 90+ characters with more on the way, insane amount of items to change your character, strategy upon strategy. It’s ridiculous. AND YOUR EXPECTED TO KNOW THEM ALL.

Even with this complete and utter humiliation sprinkled with a heaping bit of confusion with my utter lack of doing ANYTHING useful I become hooked. Like an addict sticking themselves with an IV bag filled with heroin hooked. I had so much fun and I have been coming back for more. I don’t know why, you’d expect that I would be discouraged and disheartened after such a defeat but I wasn’t I fucking loved it and have been coming back for more. I mean I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but every time I sit down to do it I get a call from a friend “DOTA?” “Hmmmm….more research shoudln’t hurt.”

Now if you don’t mind I’m going to uh…research some more.

Dishonored first impressions

Hey there everybody! I’m your friendly Gaming Ent with my first impressions on Dishonored, the brand new IP from Bethesda and Arkane Studios. Dishonored is set in Dunwal, a steam punk styled Victorian whaling town and follows the story and exploits of Corvo, the bodyguard to the Empress. The story begins with you returning from a mission only to have your Empress murdered before you eyes and you blamed for her death. Revenge is in order.

To start out with this game is beautiful so far, the graphics are excellent and really immerses the player in the dystopian feel of the world. The art style is very unique, almost a dark cartoonish feel without being too childish and silly. The sound and music are quite haunting so far with guards humming to themselves creepy songs to a beating steampunk heart you control to read peoples thoughts whispering in your ear. 

I’m only a bit into this game but so far I’m loving every minute of it more updates to follow!